About us

Mars Development and Investment LLC, established in 2017 as an investment company registered in Oman which invests and manages its funds in multiple sectors, such as industry, financial services, technological innovation and development and others. The Main visions of the company can be summarized in two main objectives
Develop new industries within the country through inward and outward investment to achieve attractive financial returns and knowledge and value transfer.
Seek unique investment opportunities across multiple asset classes to generate attractive financial returns. The company is dynamic in its approach and will seek opportunities across multiple geographies, sectors and asset classes with the ultimate goal of generating direct and indirect value to the Sultanate of Oman through knowledge transfer, technological advancement, and socioeconomic development.

Investments Landscape

Financial Services

Banking and Financial services form a major part of MDI's strategy. Currently, the company holds stakes in local banks and has multiple initiatives in the financial services and Fintech space.

Global VC

MDI’s interests in technology and innovation are translated through its investments in the global VC market as well as its activities in the local Omani VC landscape. MDI currently runs a global VC platform. Mdi is currently an LP in VC funds such as Valar and GSV.

Local VC

As part of MDI’s initiatives in the technology and local VC space, the company invested in a local VC named Esbaar which is a firm that mainly operates drones in order conduct various to types of testing and surveillance.

International Co-Investments

In order to build on top of its ongoing VC initiatives, MDI invested in a locally managed co-investments platform named Cyfr. This initiative will enable MDI to target companies with potential in a more direct manner.

Financial Investments

MDI invests into opportunities in financial instruments such as stocks, bonds and sukuk from local, regional and international markets. These instruments are then typically allocated into investment and treasury portfolios.